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The Freedom Catalyst Testimonial Videos

Here I have testimonial videos that I created for Tyler Watson and his Connect event. The colors were absolutely perfect. I tried to go for a shaky style but may have gone overboard a bit. Nonetheless, Tyler loved the videos and is using them to promote his business on social media.

TeenDrive365 Video Challenge

This is an entry for the annual TeenDrive365 teen video competition. The contest is in session and we do not know our placing yet. Most of my videos for contest submissions are humorous, this I wanted to go a more serious route this time. The “magic whiteboard” special effects were accomplished by photographs of my drawings on whiteboards and motion tracking in After Effects.


Drive Smart Now Teen Digital Short – Dec 2017

This is an entry for the annual Drive Smart Now Teen Digital Short. We were required to make a 15-60 second video on distracted driving. The video is an original idea by my friend and I. This video is a great example of my special effects, creativity, and of fast work. We found out about the contest two weeks before submissions were due. I’m a very busy student, which means we didn’t have time to storyboard or do much planning, but the results were fantastic.

Performance Audition Videos – Nov 2017

I helped a client of mine record segments for an audition to become a service missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This video includes a monologue, tap dancing, vocal performance, and piano playing. Most of the clips were shot in my studio with my backdrop, lighting and sound equipment.

Associated Food Stores Personal Shopper – Sep 2017

This is a playlist of 5 videos I made for Associated Food Stores that are published on Peterson’s Fresh Market’s personal shopper page. This was my first big paid project. They’re simple, straightforward tutorials on how to use the functions of their website.

The owner of Peterson’s Fresh Market prepared voice recordings with his own equipment (I own equipment as well). He sent them to me, and I constructed the videos using nothing but screenshots. I felt that was the best way to keep the video simple, smooth and easy to follow. They generously payed me $50 an hour, and have since expressed gratitude for the professional quality of their videos.


tooele high school SBO Howdy Assembly Video – Aug 2017

Every year, Tooele High School’s student body officers are required to make a video for the school’s back to school assembly, the “Howdy Assembly,” to introduce themselves to the school. This video was made simply to entertain an audience of 14-18 year-olds, and it was very successful at that. I tried my hand at motion tracking in After Effects to make the fire special effects in The Office scene work, and I learned a lot for future application. I also learned how to communicate abstract ideas a group of individuals without much video experience.

After editing this video I’ve spent nearly a hundred hours in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, and I’m getting in the hang of it. I’m proud of this video’s story, the ideas, the coloring, the cinematography, and how it all came together, especially considering how much we had to rush the filming to get it done in time. We filmed with my Cannon Rebel t5. It was partially filmed in my home made green screen studio.


5-part miniseries: Acceptance – Aug 2016 to Aug 2017

Colton Fowler directed this series and recruited me as his single editor. Something I learned from this project is how to switch shots without drawing attention to the fact that the perspective is changing, as well as how to make things interesting and portray emotion with certain editing techniques.

I also learned a lot about communication during this project. I ran into several large disagreements, and a month-long project turned into over a year of headaches. There were a few items in the script that I did not agree with. I ultimately put my trust in Colton, and we published the series. Whether it’s a hit or not, I’m glad there was so much to learn from it.


tooele high school band fundraising video – May 2017

Our new band instructor asked me to help them raise money by creating this video for them. This video is entirely green screen, and every background is a picture I took with my camera. This video is meant to be a happy, upbeat interview video that inspires its audience to reach out to these fun, unique individuals that are in need of funding to reach their potential as band students. The instructor asked the questions, and I did everything else.

This was my first project in Premier Pro and After Effects. It took ages (approximately 40 hours of work) to make because I had to familiarize myself with the new software, but the special effects are much better than what I could have done in Vegas Movie Studio. In hind sight, it probably would have been less complicated of a project if we scouted out areas to interview rather than having me virtually create every setting. This was a service project; I was not paid. I filmed with my Cannon Rebel T5 and provided all lights and the green screen.


SBO Elections video – March 2017

This is my SBO elections video, and a part of some of my best work. This video is an excellent example of how I like to capture humor, and get a point across (which was that I would make a good student body officer). It’s also an example of what I can do with green screen and special effects. Keep in mind that my target audience was high school students– the video was made to be appealing to the meme generation.

The video was filmed entirely in my homemade green screen studio (with the exception of the bit where I’m sitting in my desk). I only had three days to make it, and I didn’t have anyone’s help. I simply posted my camera and kept my eye on a monitor I used as a camera view finder to make sure I didn’t go outside of the shot. The studio was created entirely in a free photo editing program, Paint.NET. The posters on the monitors are the actual posters I hung up in the school hallways during election week. I filmed with my Camera Rebel T5 and edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13.0.


Humorous Discus video – April 2017

My friend needed a video for his sign language class and naturally asked me to help him. I don’t know a lick of sign language, so he came up with the script and I did everything else. This video is noteworthy for the camera work, along with the humor and the amazingly realistic special effects. Feel free to skip over the introduction and start at 1:00.

Fun story: when my friend’s mom showed this to his little 6-year old brother, he burst into tears because he thought he was really knocked out. When the discuss thrower showed his mom the video, she screamed at him for hitting someone with a discus.

We had a very short time to make this video, so all camera angles were made up on the spot. I filmed with my Cannon Rebel T5 and edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13.0


Returning Missionary Video July – May 2016

This was a video I put together for some friends in the Summer of 2016. This is another interview video, but rather than being purposed to inspire an audience to act, it was made to touch the hearts of viewers, especially immediate family, and portray the excitement of the family to have Aaron return from his 2-year LDS service mission.

I regret using that solid red wall for some of the interviewing- it throws the viewer off. Lessons learned. Nevertheless, according to feedback I’ve received, the video made some emotional, which means it was successful. I filmed with my Cannon Rebel T5 and edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.


This is not all! Feel free to explore my YouTube channel for more! Keep in mind that some of my posts are simply for fun and are often created in three hours or less.

More highlight videos will be posted on this page soon.